Dental Insurance

Financing Your Care

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Dental treatment is an excellent investment in your physical and emotional well being.  At Royal Oaks Dentistry, we are dedicated to helping you keep your smile healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.  You can count on us to help in every way possible to make your dentistry affordable.
We take great pride in explaining all dental procedures and associated fees clearly and professionally before we begin treatment.  It is our policy to make financial arrangements with patients before any treatment begins.  We offer different payment options, including low or no interest payments, and we are happy to assist you in choosing the best payment option to fit your needs.

Insurance Information

A dental benefit plan is designed to share in your dental care costs.  Most plans cover between 50% and 80% of dental services with a yearly maximum of between $1000-$3000. A dental plan is a contract between your employer and a third party (insurance company). There are many different kinds of dental insurances and we are happy to help you estimate the benefits of your particular plan.

We will accept your insurance if you have the freedom to choose your dentist. Most plans provide you this freedom.  Most dental plans will allow you to seek dental care outside of their network and most do not reduce your benefit level for doing so.

If you have insurance benefits and assign benefits to us, we will manage your account as follows:

  • No administrative fee will be assessed for filing insurance claims; we will provide this service as a courtesy.
  • You must provide our dental staff with accurate insurance billing information prior to your appointment, or you will be responsible for payment at the time of service. (When possible, we prefer to receive insurance information in advance of your appointment so that we can avoid delays in estimating your benefits at the time of service.)
  • While we will do our very best to estimate your benefits ahead of treatment, we do not guarantee our benefit estimates to be correct as each company may interpret your contract differently and may even deny some or all of the coverage.
  • If we cannot reasonably estimate secondary insurance coverage, the office will accept assignment for only the primary insurance coverage. You will need to file the secondary insurance coverage in this instance.
  • Regardless of our estimate, you are ultimately responsible for all charges your insurance company does not pay.

Payment options:

We are here to help! Please call for more information about financing your oral health needs in our office!